Continuing Professional Development

The practice of laboratory medicine extends long beyond the completion of initial training. Continuing professional development (CPD) refers to the maintenance and advancement of the knowledge and competencies required to practice at a professional level throughout the duration of a career. CPD in medicine is often directed by either a professional organization or regulatory body. The intention is to ensure levels of practice at pace with rapidly expanding medical knowledge and in accordance with prescribed standards. Accordingly, CPD serves to both ensure evidence-based practice, as well as provide practitioners with opportunity to demonstrate competency and enhance their career.

GHCPD is working with key professional associations across the globe to support the development of a formal CPD program for laboratory medicine professionals. This program will clarify a framework for the topics, formats and frequency of educational experiences by which laboratory medicine professionals in partnering professional organizations can demonstrate their continued competency.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • GHCPD is built as a 2-year continuing professional development program designed to recognize laboratory medicine professionals who partake in educational activities to further their knowledge
  • Specific curricula, such as COVID-19, are curated from free and easily accessible educational resources and offered here in an easy to access educational portal
  • At the end of 2-years of enrollment in this program, GHCPD will assess your progress and confer designations at basic, intermediate and advance levels based on its qualification system
  • This program is currently partnering with the African Society of Laboratory Medicine and we are working with other regional and national professional organizations around the globe.

All healthcare and laboratory professionals who have obtained a certificate or degree and are currently working to support laboratory medicine

Free to laboratory professionals who register with us

We are building the program quickly to respond to COVID-19 and other critical areas in laboratory medicine. Please visit our registration page to receive our updates!

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